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This privacy policy covers all of It does not however, cover 3rd party applications that are hosted on this domain, such as flash games that were not designed or written by We use Google Adsense, for privacy information on Adsense, please refer to the Google Privacy Center. is intended for use by adults over the age of 18. If you are under 18, do not join



Information Provided To Us


The only information we keep is information that you provide to us. When you sign up to, you create an account and a personal profile. When creating the account we ask for your real name, email address, date of birth and contact phone number.


All other information provided by you during the profile creation process is included in your personal profile which is available for public viewing. This information includes but is not limited to your gender, country, state, city and ethnicity. If you upload photos, those photos can be viewed by anyone.


Your phone number maybe viewed by other users who are a potential match, but, before being able to access your phone number, these users must prove to us that they are serious about marriage. This involves paying money to upgrade their account as well as provide additional levels of identification.


We allow you to identify yourself to us by uploading personal documents such as drivers licenses and passports. Upon verification, these documents are removed from the server. We do not retain these documents on the server once they are verified.



Information Provided To Others


We highly recommend that you do not provide any personal details when communicating with other users. It is against our policies to include your contact information in your profile. Providing email addresses, phone numbers or web sites in your profile may result in your account being deleted without notice.


Communicating with other people using is safe. If you have a problem with another user, you can simply block them so that they cannot communicate with you any more. If you provide your email address or phone number to another user, we cannot prevent that user from calling or sending you emails. For this reason, we recommend you stick to communicating using



Disabled Accounts


When an account is disabled, it is not deleted from our servers. The information relating to this account is kept incase the user decides to start using again. When an account is disabled, the personal profile of that user cannot be viewed by the public.





We do our best to keep your information and account secure, but we need your help.


You should choose a password that is not easy to guess. If your favorite breed of dog is a Rottweiler, do not use Rottweiler for a password. Although using your favorite breed would make it easy for you to remember, it would also make it easy for someone to steal your account. The same can be said for favorite names, colors, cars, bands and so on. Make sure that any information you provide about yourself to other users cannot be used to guess your password.