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Welcome To Sanjogmarriage.com. 


Sanjogmarriage.com is also easy to use. Once you create your profile by answering a questionnaire, you can then use our profile search tool to view the profiles of other people who are also seeking their life partner.


If you have not yet registered with Sanjogmarriage.com, you may register here.


 Our vision is to help make the experience of finding a life partner as enjoyable as living the journey with them.


We know your time is precious, that is why we have created a system where you can select who is eligible to contact you. This saves you from wasting time reviewing incompatible profiles.

This is the easy, safe & secure way to find the perfect one for you. Whether you are divorced or widowed or someone looking to start late in life, 

Give us a try and 

Start a new life 

Ready to start again. 

Find your widow or widower. 

No fake profiles, strict privacy controls. 

Meet widow or widower for marriage and find your true love at Sanjogmarriage.com


Sanjogmarriage.com is an Indian Matrimony website.


How Do I Get started?


First, you will need to sign up. During the first step of the sign up process you will be asked some personal questions such as your name and date of birth. Information such as your name is kept private and is not shown on your profile. Your date of birth is also kept private and is only used to determine your age.


The sign up process also includes a questionnaire that when completed, will be used to create your very own profile. You will also be asked to upload a photo of yourself. Although a photo is not compulsory, it is highly recommended. Our studies show that people who do not provide a photo of themselves are much less likely to be successful in finding their life partner.


Once your profile is created you can then jump straight in and click the match maker button. This will provide you with the profiles of people who we believe you are compatible with. Alternatively, you can use our profile search tool to manually view all of our available profiles. When you find someone of interest, click their photo and view their profile. If after viewing their profile you are still interested, send them a message and start your new friendship!